ECommerce FAQs

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Some strategies include email marketing campaigns, promo codes, advertising on social media platforms, blogging, collecting and displaying reviews, direct mail marketing and including your store’s URL in your email signature. Use keywords in your product names and descriptions to help your store get found in search engines.

Shopify and WooCommerce are both popular eCommerce platforms in the UK for small businesses. Depending on your experience and your specific brand needs, each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. EKM offers the benefit of a dedicated account manager.

There is a large range of eCommerce solutions so prices will vary. There may be substantial upfront costs if you are employing a web developer to design a custom built website. On-going costs may include domain, email and hosting costs, subscriptions, transaction fees.

When selling online there are a number of considerations to think about, such as customer support, how transferable is the store, and many other eCommerce considerations.

Google has a Shopping tab below the search bar, which shows both paid (sponsored) and free (organic) listings.
Google shopping ads include a product photo, cost, and can include customer reviews.

Shopping cart abandonment is when a potential customer starts to check out an online order but stops before completing the purchase.

If a user enters their email address during the checkout process, this is an opportunity to contact them by email, often with an offer or coupon code.

Retargeting works by placing an ad pixel on your checkout page which allows you to re-market to users on ad platforms such as Facebook and Google. 

Hopefully these eCommerce FAQs were useful.