What is EKM?

EKM is a managed, all-in-one eCommerce platform. It is designed for small business owners who prefer not to be concerned with the technical aspects of web development.

EKM template themes

EKM was formerly known as ekmPowershop. Founded in Preston, Lancashire in the UK in 2002, they have grown to become the UK’s number one hosted eCommerce solution and have several thousands of customers.

EKM is a great choice for users who want UK based support. You always have support for your site from someone who knows and understands what you are trying to achieve.

You do not need to have any website design experience.

Your website will be reviewed by EKM regularly to optimise for conversions.

You can use this link to get an extended 28 day free trial (usually 14 days)

Account Manager

Even on the entry-level price plan you are assigned a dedicated account manager when you sign up. Your dedicated Account Manager is there to help you get setup and selling in record time. 

Regular Support

With access to their UK based proactive support team and your own dedicated Account Manager, you are never on your own with EKM.

Video guides and documentation

There is assistance from expert video guides created especially to help you setup, manage and grow your online shop. You will have access to a range of guides that cover the basic practices you need to be aware whilst you are building your EKM online shop. If you get stuck, you can always contact their Customer Support Team who will be able to help you.

Evolution Mode

EKM has a service called Evolution Mode that scans your website for outdated information.

With Evolution Mode your shop will never go out of date. It will continually be improved, upgraded and made to not only look great but also increase conversions to keep you ahead of the competition.

From design and user experience, to features and performance, your shop will be continuously optimised and improved at no extra cost, without you lifting a finger.

Say goodbye to outdated, underperforming websites.

A few small tweaks to your design or shop structure could be the difference between success and failure online.

EKM’s Evolution Team will review your shop and suggest tweaks, fixes and improvements from design to usability and beyond. Once approved they will do the work at no extra cost.

EKM pricing

With EKM your website hosting is included in your pricing plan, so you know that you are getting a secure and fast service. 

EKM pricing plans

There are three main price plans available, depending on the level of support that you require. All plans come with no contract, allowing you to cancel at any time.



Per Month

Includes a 30 minute welcome call, UK based support, and up to £50k in online sales per year



Per Month

Includes a dedicated Account Manager for 6 months to help you build and manage your online shop, and up to £150k in online sales per year



Per Month

Includes Full time Account Manager, high performance server and up to £1m in online sales per year

Pro Plan

There is also a Pro Plan which is £549.99 + VAT per month, includes your own team of webmasters, designers and marketing experts to run your shop, Strategic Account Manager and Marketing Account Management

Professional logo builder

EKM’s logo builder allows you to create a unique logo for your shop that matches your chosen theme. You can upload your own images or choose from the many stock images in EKM.

Product urgency features

You can encourage customers to complete their purchases by adding visual calls to action on selected Product Pages such as Countdown timers, Get It by Timer, Free Delivery messages, stock warnings and more.

Image builder

The EKM Image Builder comes with thousands of stock photos, backgrounds, and icons to enable you to create professional looking banners and graphics. You can also upload your own images so that you can really make your banners your own.

Limitless extra pages

Extra website pages can be added for displaying information such as ‘About Us’ or ‘Delivery Options’. There’s no limit to how many extra pages you can have.


Manage your orders whilst on the move.

eBay Import / Export integration

eBay integration allows you to import and export products from you eBay account to your EKM account with the click of a button.

Custom shop design service

The ‘EKM Shop Design’ service can provide you with a fully customised online shop.

What do customers say about EKM?

EKM has a 4.8 star rating on TrustPilot.

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EKM examples

Thousands of businesses have used EKM to help them create their own stunning online shop. From health and beauty to photographic equipment, from food and drink to gifts, from DIY and construction to homeware, from flower and garden to clothing and fashion, from jewellery to coffee supplies, and everything else in between. Click to see customer examples of EKM online shops.

What are the advantages of EKM?

You can link to an existing eBay account.

All EKM online shop websites come with a free domain name.

You pay month-to-month with no lengthy contract.

What are the disadvantages of EKM?

EKM payment processing transaction fees are not the cheapest, although you have the option to use your own payment gateway.

Pricing plans are based on how much you sell, so if you sell more you will pay more.

28 day free trial

The standard EKM free trial is 14 days but using this exclusive link you will get an extended 28 day free trial.