PrestaShop was founded in 2007 with a mission to provide world-class eCommerce software through open source innovation. They have offices in US and France.

There are no pricing tiers with the self hosted version of PrestaShop. When you set up the platform, you get access to its full functionality. Your only costs will be those associated with hosting.

One of the great things about PrestaShop is the ability to be easily extended by choosing from a huge selection of available add-on modules and templates.

PrestaShop templates
PrestaShop modules

There is a demo which allows you to explore the back-end of the software for an example store. It gives you an idea of what your store would look like once it was up and running.

What are the advantages of Prestashop?

Prestashop is open source software, and is totally free to download.

You can access the dashboard from your smart phone.

It is a good option for selling globally.

What are the disadvantages of Prestashop?

There is a fairly steep learning curve for beginners. If you have limited technical knowledge, you might need to ask a developer for help with using the self hosted version.

‘Modules’ will need to be purchased for extra functionality.

Although Prestashop software is free, there will be costs associated with hosting.

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