Hosted eCommerce Platforms

With a hosted eCommerce solution, aspects such as such as hosting, a shopping cart function, and technical support are handled by the eCommerce software provider.

Typically this will involve paying a monthly service fee.

hosted ecommerce platform
shopify advantages - app store


Shopify, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms is often the best option for users that want a simple online store builder. It has a large external eCommerce app store that you can visit to add more functionality to your online store.

Advantages of Hosted eCommerce solutions

Hosted eCommerce platforms provide users a more managed experience than self-hosted systems.

Avoid high startup development costs.

Security is the responsibility of the hosted eCommerce provider.

Disadvantages of Hosted eCommerce solutions

Less ability to make advanced customisations.

Customers get “locked in” to the provider. If needs change, it is difficult to move the website content elsewhere.

Can be more expensive over time.

Hosted eCommerce summary

There are many stand-out hosted eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion. 

Shopify has a focus on usability and is a good option for larger stores selling a range of products.

BigCommerce is a versatile solution that may suit fast-growing stores. 

Squarespace is good for sleek-looking designs.  

Wix is extremely beginner friendly and has excellent eCommerce tools. 

With EKM you get a dedicated support manager from the start.

Ecwid may be a good option if you want to sell on an existing website, social media page, blog, online marketplace or mobile app.

Weebly / Square provide affordable plans, drag and drop tools and focus on simplicity and small site appeal.

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